Operation eagle’s wings honoring all who serve and leaving no one behind and U S A heartbeat, the pulse of freedom.

We are continuing with a series of poems written by a Vietnam era veteran to give you and me an idea about what it was like to surf back in Vietnam, and what it’s like to live with those remembrances. So we have another poem for you right now.

This one is entitled, a cold, dark place.

 Lord, I’m a broken sinner.

I cannot carry these burdens any longer.

I see no redemption, just more pain.

At night, I hear the cries and feel the pain of the men who sacrifice so much.

I smell the stench of the dead who died so long ago.

I cannot carry this heavy load anymore.

How much more will I suffer? I served my time.

When I close my eyes, I see the men that I killed and I hear their pleas.

I prayed for a second chance but night after night, memories seep from my mind.

And the dreams always come back.

I’m so weary of this life in the cold dark place that I live.

At night when sleep comes. I see the evil of war. I feel the hands of demons pulling me into the pits of hell.

I scream out for help.

But help never comes.

This poem is entitled A cold dark place,  giving us an idea about what it was like to serve in Vietnam and live with those memories.

This is operation eagle’s wings honoring all who honorably served. And USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom