Operation eagle’s wings honoring all who honorably served and U S, a heartbeat the pulse of freedom.

As we continue in our poem series,

poems written by a Vietnam era vet over what he went through in Vietnam and what he’s dealing with, even today.

This poem is entitled eyes watching.

Early morning, rain falling, praying for a peaceful day.

Charlie’s always there.

jungles don’t forgive.

Eyes always watching

Charlie looking for you to make a mistake.

And if you do, Death and Dying follow the magnitude of it is hard.

You hear the cries and the pain.

You see the carnage of war, men gasping for every breath, joining others to their death.

This is my life now.

I know nothing else.

Will I?

Can I ever be normal again?

Thoughts from a Vietnam era veteran. This is operation eagle’s wings honoring all who honorably serve and leaving no one behind. And USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom