Operation eagle’s wings honoring those who serve and leaving no one behind and USA heartbeat

as we continue to read the poems of a Vietnam era soldier living in Tennessee, as he talks about the experiences he went through in Vietnam, and what he’s going through now,

so many years later, acclimating and fitting into modern society.

Here is another poem that he has written.

It’s called peace tonight.

Walking on this dark jungle trail like plants up to see this crystal blue sky,

my mind drifts back to a time of peace and tranquility.

But I then quickly find myself in the shadow of darkness.

The evil envelops everything around me.

Then I see him with his grotesque grin.

Will I die?

Or will I spill his blood?

The smell of death is overpowering.

Here in this wilderness, one of us will find peace tonight.

That’s the end of the poem piece tonight, as we continue to share these poems. These remembrances these thoughts from a Vietnam era veteran. Operation eagle’s wings honoring all who honorably served, and leaving no one behind and USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom