Operation eagle’s wings honoring those who honorably serve and leaving no one behind, and USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom. 

As we continue in our series of poems from a Vietnam era veteran, a man who served in Vietnam and has to live with the memories of that service.

We do this so that we get those of us who didn’t serve, especially in Vietnam, can grasp what it was like to go through that experience.

This poem is entitled The prayer.

I received a letter from Mama saying, Son, this is your ninth month in this war.

Please be safe a little longer.

Your dad and I are praying for you.

As I read her letter, my tears fall on her words.

At night looking up at the stars,

I cry out to God. I said, God, I am so scared. God says I know but I’m always with you.

I cried out again and said my friend died today.

God said he’s with me now. I cried out. I don’t think I’ll make it out of here.

God said, I heard your mama’s prayer. And I will send an Angel to help you.

The next day, I was at peace.

The poem is entitled The prayer remembrances of a Vietnam era veteran living today in Tennessee, and dealing with the remembrances of serving in Vietnam. So we all have an idea of what it was like and what it was like now. This is operation eagle’s wings honoring all who serve and leaving no one behind.

And USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom that volumeCreate growth hacking in order to create actionable insights. Drive user engagement in order to create synergy. Generating a holistic approach in order to use best practice. Amplifying below the line to, consequently, come up with a bespoke solution.