Operation eagle’s wings honoring all who serve and leaving no one behind and us a heartbeat the pulse of freedom.

We continue in our series of poems written by a Vietnam era veteran, talking about the experiences that he went through in serving in Vietnam and the memories he lives with.

This poem is entitled walking point. Walking point

looking for Charlie.

First to see first to hear he’s there and waiting for you.

A great warriors so cutting like a cobra in the grass that you don’t see or hear until it’s too late.

You’ve got to be alert, walking the trail with your heart pounding.

He’s around you better believe it.

Or those green flies smell the stench.

What’s not looking looking in the brush?

Maybe he’s in the trees.

Careful. There could be a tripwire.

booby traps will send me to hell or maim me.

Will I die or just cry?

Will I win today?

Will Charlie loose?

Who knows?

Or even cares?

The poem is entitled walking point remembrances of a Vietnam era veteran living in modern day America. This is operation eagle’s wings honoring all who honorably serve and leaving no one behind. And USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom